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This site has been created to keep you informed on all things related to NYC Transit Modeling.
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2019 Meet on Flickr - 1

2019 Meet on Flickr - 2

Join us as we pay tribute to the work of Vern Gillman
and remember the Bay Ridge Model Railroad Club.
Photos below taken by Vern at the BRMRR Club.

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NYC Model Transit Association Facebook page.

Photo and Video Pages of Past Meets -

The 2018 Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Meet - Photos

The 2017 Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Meet - Photos

The Fall 2016 Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Convention PHOTOS

The Spring 2016 Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Convention Photos

The 15th Annual Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Convention

The 14th Annual Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Convention

The 13th Annual Mass Transit & Trolley Modelers' Convention

The 12th Annual Mass Transit & Trolley Convention

The 11th Annual Mass Transit & Trolley Convention

Visit Brooklyn in O Scale on Bob Olson's incredible BMT inspired layout! 

His scratch built elevated structure follows the construction of the Fulton Street El and when completed, will include the Sands Street Station complex.

His Brooklyn Fleet includes B.U. El cars, C-types, and Q-Types on the El. As well as 8000's, 6000's, a PCC and convertible type cars on the street.

Click on the pictures and come along for the ride!

The NYC Model Transit El & Trolley System In O Scale

NYCMTA member, Mr. Joseph Frank has created a web-site dedicated to his NYC Model Transit System layout. Lots of pictures and text! It features his excellent model elevated structure, el cars, subway cars, and streetcars. He also has videos of the layout.

A Flickr Photo site devoted to the NY City Model Transit System layout, organized in albums.
- Flickr Photos Page for NY City Model Transit System
As well as albums devoted to
The NYW&B and its Connections with the IRT 3rd Ave El and the Dyre Ave IRT Line

Also check out NYC Transit Modelers Group A forum for NYC Transit past and present - both real and models!

As a tribute to the PCC's of Newark's City Subway, there is a page for models of the Public Service / TNJ / NJ Transit PCC cars.

A note from members Nate Gerstein and Steve Olsen--

We have been in this hobby of O-Scale subway and elevated modeling for over forty years. When we started, nothing was available. In 1955, Bill Clouser was commissioned to build two types of subway cars for the St. Louis Car Co. One was the R-17 and the other the H&M (PATH) Class K car. Seeing those models and befriending Vern Gillman, who built superb Manhattan El and subway cars, gave us both the inspiration to build our own.

At that time, we could only build our cars from scratch, from whatever materials were available. Now in the new millennium, we are at the height of popularity and availability of rapid transit equipment. Trolley cars, buses, and subway trains are available from small model companies and importers. Now a new aspect of the hobby is upon us! "Tinplate" or "high-rail" 3-rail cars are now fast becoming popular. This opens a new avenue of subway car modeling. "MTH" and "Lionel" are producing subway car models for New York City Transit and Chicago Transit fans.

How exciting! The O-Scale people have inexpensive cars to convert to run 2-rail (or outside third rail) or kitbash them into other models. The "tinplate" people have ready to run cars, which can be run on any "Lionel" type layout. Last, but not least, the new-comer can acquire and set up his empire in one night! The computers and digital equipment sold today will further enable us to equip our models to have sound, video, make station stops, and change directions. We can go as far as we like!

Check out the websites, catalogs, and magazines. Attend the model shows. GET INSPIRED, Bring your models to shows - to run on the layouts and enter model contests! It's a fun way to pass leisure time.

R-32s in motion

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